We Need A New Business Measurement Standard
This blog promotes the urgent need for a new business measurement standard.
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Our inadequate and inappropriate business measures are the root cause of our most serious social, environmental, economic and business problems and need to change now.
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1. Problems with current business measures.
These articles describe the problems we are facing with our current business measures.
2. Broader issues affecting the need for change.
Hello and welcome. This blog should have broad appeal not only for those involved in the many facets of business but also sociologists, environmentalists, economists and those involved in running government, as public workers or politicians.

The reason for its broad appeal is that business is central to life, affecting every aspect. Often, for example, the problems a sociologist, or environmentalist face are likely to originate from the effects of business, either directly or indirectly.

We give business access to resources, so how they use or abuse them has a profound effect on us all. Measures should be in place to protect these resources by showing us how wisely they have been used.

That’s the problem we face. Although we give business access to resources, we don’t hold them accountable for their use. Business is only accountable to their shareholders to generate a profit, nothing else (within the limits of the law.) Collectively, we know these resources have been badly managed over the past decades. It has led to the enrichment of a few at the expense of the many. Our inadequate and inappropriate business measures are the root cause of our most serious social, environmental, economic and business problems.

Yes - our current business measures don’t even serve business well, they inhibit growth and weaken business over the long-term. Therefore, for everybody’s sake, it’s important that we change. Our current practices, supported by our current measures, are simply unsustainable. We are hurtling towards a vastly changed and less favourable future unless we change our business measures.

Please don’t fool yourself if you think there is any initiative out there which is effectively addressing this problem - there isn’t. Initiatives like CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and IR (Integrated Reporting) and similar initiatives, all fall well short of our needs and are a waste of time.

I welcome all comments and opinions, so please feel free to send them to me.

I am adding articles regularly, but if you have a question not addressed here yet, please contact me.
This blog is divided into three categories
Changing our business measures is important, but there are other issues we need to address as well to achieve a healthy, sustainable future.
3. What's needed.
These articles deal with providing solutions to our measurement needs.
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I have over forty years business experience, which includes running my own businesses and serving in senior corporate positions. I have adopted a “continuous learning” approach throughout my life as I believe that if you want to contribute to society you have to continually acquire knowledge and apply it effectively for the well-being of all. I have spent the last twenty years understanding how businesses goes about creating value and determining to what extent these processes are universally comparable and capable of providing the underlying framework for a new universal measurement standard.
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