We Need A New Business Measurement Standard
This blog promotes the urgent need for a new business measurement standard.
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Problems with our current business measures.

I’m the vociferous voice calling for a new business measurement standard, and for good reason. However, in making that call, many people get the wrong end of the stick. They think I’m a socialist or environmentalist, hell bent on getting business to serve everybody else apart from its owners, the shareholders.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I know how important it is to look after shareholder interests, but I also understand that serving those interests is not achieved through adopting a myopic financial perspective of business. It’s best served when business takes a broader, all encompassing perspective of all its stakeholder needs. It’s our myopic, narrow financial vision that’s riddled with many basic misunderstandings, which this article addresses.

Author : Adrian Dore          Date : 1st April 2017
The cancer of our time.
This article tries to put the damaging effects of our inadequate and inappropriate measurement standard in perspective. To help ordinary people realise this is not some remote problem which has nothing to do with them. It has everything to do with all of us. If we allow this cancer to continue unchecked, it will unquestionably, adversely affect your life and that of your family.

Author : Adrian Dore          Date : 1st February 2017
The reason we need a new business measurement standard is simple - our current standard isn’t serving our needs. In fact, it’s hurting and holding business back. It doesn’t even serve shareholders well, despite many believing it does. If you hurt or hold business back, then surely you hurt shareholders?

From a broader society perspective, it’s the root cause of our most serious social, environmental and economic problems. That's because, our measures don't serve the needs of stakeholders, they exploit them. If you exploit, hurt, harm, or destroy people and things around you through your activities, then your future trading conditions are going to get tougher and tougher until you can’t operate anymore. By looking after your broader trading environment (or stakeholders), you make it easier for yourself in the future - that’s business sense. It’s also about being morally responsible and doing the right things. Furthermore, it’s a well-established fact, on our current social, economic and environmental trajectory, the future is bleak. We have to change, and it starts with our business measures.

Author : Adrian Dore          Date: 1st January 2017
We need a new business measurement standard.
We’ve known about the devastating effects of our inadequate and inappropriate business measures for decades. We have the resources and abilities to address the problem, so why have we done nothing about it?

Vested interests. A few will reap huge profits from exploiting resources, at the expense of the many. These are rich, powerful and influential people, who don’t care, as long as they amass huge profits. They pay lip service to change and to protecting the interests of all, while ensuring little is done about it.

It is for this reason, the shortcomings of our measurement standard must become public knowledge, and the need for change understood, because only then, can they no longer hide the fact that our systems serve them alone. We need businesses to survive and prosper over the long-term, but not at the expense of everything else.

Author : Adrian Dore          Date : 1st March 2017
The great cover-up.
Our parasitic business measures.
What would you do if you knew that our financial measures, used inappropriately as a business measure, have  been corrupted into behaving in a parasitic manner, slowly but surely destroying business over the long-term. Perhaps you maybe a little sceptical of this claim, but if proved to be true, surely then, you would be committed to doing something about it? Read the article, and let me convince you.

Author : Adrian Dore          Date : 1st June 2017