We Need A New Business Measurement Standard
This blog promotes the urgent need for a new business measurement standard.
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Broader issues.

Inclusive Theory.
Changing our business measurement standard is important, but it only addresses part of the problem, if we are looking for a sustainable and prosperous future for all. Consumers are critically important to business, as they create the demand for products and services. It is their demands which are placing global resources under enormous strain, so consumers have a critical role to play in contributing to a sustainable, fair and prosperous future for all. Inclusive Theory explains that business and consumers are in it together in making sure global resources are cared for, and work for the benefit of all.

Author : Adrian Dore          Date : 1st August 2016
The evils of capitalism - what nonsense!
It's a strange phenomenon how people can latch onto a philosophical concept like capitalism and blame it for the problems we face today when business measures directly responsible for unfavourable outcomes escape scrutiny and blame.

It beggars belief, particularly when it can be logically argued that business doesn't even follow the true philosophy of capitalism.

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Author : Adrian Dore          Date : 1st July 2017