ECONOMIC Equity and Fairness
A dysfunctional democracy leads to a dysfunctional economy
where Equity and Fairness are two unknowns.
Unless you are one of the superrich, you probably have an uneasy feeling about what the future may hold for you and your family. Job security, salary, pension, social benefits, housing, healthcare, and education. The list goes on, but you know what I’m talking about.

I’m sure you also feel uneasy about our environment – global warming, weather changes, sustainability concerns, and pollution. This is also an extensive list which goes on and on.

Like most people, you probably put these concerns down to the inevitability of modern life. This is how things were bound to turn out. The good news is this is entirely incorrect.
We are in a mess socially, environmentally, and economically not through inevitability but through design.
Things could and should have been much better had our governments served their democratic purpose. A democratically elected government is supposed to serve the needs of the majority, but over the past four decades, they have served the needs of the wealthy by following the wrong economic policy.
Our social, environmental, and economic problems can be placed at the feet of our government.
We have a dysfunctional economy because we have a dysfunctional democracy. Our government serve the needs of the rich, who exercise enormous political power over the government. This is called a plutocracy, where the rich dictate economic policies. This is why we have followed the wrong economic policies for so long. Policies which serve the rich at the expense of society and the environment. As it is not good for society or the environment, it’s ultimately not good for the economy.
The good news is that the power to change things lies with you.
We have to take back control over our government. We do that through our vote. However, we first need to understand what has caused the problems. We can’t be vague, like suggesting, “Capitalism is the problem.” We need to be more specific, so we can focus on what needs changing.
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