Growing Stakeholder Value

Our economy has many stakeholders - society, environment, commerce.
Governments have a responsibility to ensure all stakeholders are served fairly.
They have to grow value for all stakeholders.
Economic Injustice - What A Screw-Up
For the average person living in a developed economy, their economy no longer serves their needs; it has become dysfunctional. Their quality-of-life is in free fall, and likely to get worse soon. In comparison, the wealthy one per cent are getting richer at an unprecedented rate. Economic inequality is increasing rapidly. The economy is working for them, not the majority. That’s not how a democracy is supposed to work. It’s supposed to serve the needs of the majority.

Over the past forty years, our economy has been hijacked to serve the needs of the wealthy one per cent. They have used their power and influence to sway the political process; to change laws and regulations to serve them. This, together with a continuous stream of disinformation, falsehoods, half-truths, and obfuscation, has misled us into believing what they are doing is in our interests. Nothing can be further from the truth.

They follow an economic policy called “neo-liberalism.” Rather than liberate us, it has trapped us in a world of increasing economic injustice and insecurity, creating huge social, environmental and economic problems. Therefore, a more fitting name would be “enslavement economics.” Enslaving the majority through the practices, procedures and systems of a few. Another apt name would be “apartheid economics” - an economy serving the needs of a few while excluding the majority. Whatever you want to call it - it’s economic injustice and a screw-up of epic proportions.

Most people know we have a problem, but they don't know what, or how to fix it, if at all. We all have a different perspective of the world - different things concern us. However, all these different concerns have a common underlying cause - our economy. When the economy is imbalanced (only serving a few), as it is now, it causes an adverse ripple effect throughout life. So, no matter what concerns you, it’s more than likely linked to an imbalanced economy. You are NOT going to address your concerns effectively until you address the problems of an imbalanced economy. You need to understand what economic issues underlie your problems. Only with this knowledge and understanding can you make a difference by calling on the government to take specific action.  Change does not occur through vague demands. It only happens when one is specific about a problem and its solution. Therefore, this book provides an important first step in helping you understand what’s really causing the problems which concern you.

It explains, in easy to understand terms, the cause of our problems and their solutions. It brings a new and different perspective to help solve our economic crisis, with clarity and simplicity. It's not written for academics or business people, most of whom are part of the problem, but for the man and woman in the street, who want answers and solutions to problems affecting them and their world. It is only through mass awareness and action that much-needed change will come about. However, for this to happen, people need to understand the problems, not in any detail, but sufficient to be able to see through the misleading nonsense fed them over the decades. Through this basic understanding, they will be able to spread the word effectively and get everybody to call on the government to step in and reverse these bad and harmful practices.

This is not somebody else’s problem or a problem you can ignore. It’s going to affect you and your family if it hasn’t already. These problems can only be reversed through a democratic process. So, if you don’t get involved, by spreading the word and demanding change, things will rapidly get worse. Shortly, we will face massive change in the labour market, which will affect everybody. The wealthy one per cent will use these changes to their advantage, not yours. If things are bad now, they are about to get a
lot worse unless you do something about it.
Publisher's Comments
Adrian Dore introduces a fresh perspective in a clear, logical way, which makes the understanding of our economic problems easy. He introduces new ideas; material causes of our problems and lays bare the manipulative practices of the wealthy one per cent in hiding them and misleading us. He also contributes to solutions, in the form of his “Inclusive Theory”, which sees consumers (you and I) playing a greater in accepting responsibility for the demands we make on planetary resources.

This book empowers you as you are left with a strong belief that you can make a difference. Other books, while good at highlighting problems, leave you with a sense of dismay, knowing things aren’t working properly, but being unable to do anything about it. Adrian leaves you in no doubt that you can and must make a difference. You are given enough knowledge and understanding to hold the political class accountable, and a sense of urgency about the dire position we are in socially, economically, environmentally and politically.
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